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Master-501 - the 3rd darts training game with focus on 501s

The Master-501 is the last part of a trilogy of darts practice game on GoDartsPro with a focus on 501’s. Use them together and sharpen your skills for your upcoming games and tournaments.

This game is invented by the GoDartsPro ambassador “Pascal Moonens” a.k.a “The Mental Power”.
Pascal contacted me a while ago with an idea of a new game and said:

“I noticed that a lot of people focus too much on the averages in matches. But averages don’t always reflect everything. In training and in matches I set myself a goal: e.g. to finish every game within 6 turns or 18 darts. If you can finish within 6 turns or 18 darts every time, you will win a lot of matches and be a formidable opponent.
That is why I came up with the idea of developing a training form that can be used by both the novice player and the professional player. One that offers sufficient challenge for every level.
And so MASTER – 501 was born.

Thanks to the 10-leg assessment you will get a good idea of your current level, and you will be able to start your training at that level.”

Will you become the MASTER?
Enjoy your training, good luck!
Visit Pascals darts page – The Darts Experience »

Pascal Moonens “The Mental Power”
Master-501 – game instructions

At start you need to play the 10 assessment legs to find your current level. Then you will be placed into a structure of 27 virtual opponents.
There are 3 main levels – STARTER, MODERATE and EXPERIENCED. Each of these main levels have 9 sublevels.
You will be playing 501’s by best of 5, 9 and 11 legs. As soon as you beat an opponent you will climb a sublevel.

You start the game by throwing at the bull. If you hit 25/50 you start the game. If you miss the bull, the opponent will start. For the experienced level, you need to hit the bullseye to start the game. You need to finish the legs using fewer throws/darts than the opponent.

One more thing… To force you to keep practicing and you will need to play this game on a regular basis to keep you level status.
If you don’t play Master-501 again in 14 days, you will drop one sublevel and if you don’t play Master-501 again in 30 days, you will lose your achieved level and the game is restarted.

Thanks Pascal for a great game idea!

Are you ready to become the Master of 501?!

Play the game now!

Also, play the two previous games in the trilogy:

Checkpoint-501 »

Start at 501 and score as much as possible.
You need to reach any of the checkmarks to get points in this game.

Darts Mathlete »

Darts Mathlete is all about repetition. You choose the checkout to start with and you then will be shown alternatives to solve the checkout.

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