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The Finishing Star game

The new darts training game, the ”Finishing Star”, is a fun and challenging mix of different games available on GoDartsPro. You’ll recognize the 3 different outs to practise multiple times during from Crown Judgement. You’ll also probably be familiar with the concept that you get points for scoring but also for aiming for a double or even leave a double, from games like Hubbe and Ton+. With great ideas and features from exisiting games it is possible to create a new fun and inspiring game. That’s how ”Finishing star” came about.

On GoDartsPro there are several ways to practise finishing and pure doubles-routines.
For players in their beginning of their darts career it sure can be difficult and daunting to try to hit the desired double. Yet it is important to practise them and to be able to set up a great checkout to maximize the chances to hit the double with your next throw. So with this game you’ll get points for leaving a double, throwing at a double and of course hitting the double to get used to always try to leave a good double if you can’t finish the score with your last dart.

Game rules for the Finishing Star game

For this game you have five different levels to choose from plus an option to customize the session with your own scores to finish. The options and their scores to finish are:

Rookie 41 – 61 – 81
Novice 61 – 81 – 101
Intermediate 81 – 101 – 121
Advanced 101 – 121 – 141
Expert 121 – 141 – 161
Custom ? – ? – ?

The scores will loop and repeated ten times each and you always have 3 darts to finish each score, that is 90 darts in total for this game = about 10 minutes session. By repeating the scores like this for a proper training session you will better memorize the different ways to checkout the scores within three darts. And remember, if you got one dart left and you’re not on a double, focus 100% to hit a score to leave a good double. As always with a good practice game – every dart counts!
The points you get when you finish an out will increase for the two higher outs as well as throwing for a double for the highest out, since these are harder to get.

Game Finishing Star
Collecting the stars

Another gamification feature for this game is to try to collect the stars.
There are three different stars to collect and you’ll get them by:
Finish at least one of each different outs
Finish 3 outs in a row
Finish 5 outs or more


Personally I think this is a great game for many reasons. There are different options to choose from to better suit more players current levels. The repetitive part of the outs are also an important part that will do your darts game good. The rewarding logic for more things than just hitting the target double will also make it useful for more players. If you’re a beginner and you can’t score anything in a game, you’ll probably lose focus and interest pretty soon.
And last but not least, the gamification part with collecting the stars adds another dimension to the game.
Can you collect them all?

Enjoy your darts!

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