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Darts finishing practice

Learn the best way practicing to finish like a PRO!

A big finish in darts is much cooler and more important than hitting a maximum, yet so many darts players mainly practice throwing at treble 20. So what are the most important things we need to practise to improve our finishing skills?

Know the finishing combinations in darts

Knowing the out-shot combinations is something that every darts player should work really hard to master. And still, we see players on TV fail every now and lose the leg since they ended up on a bogey number – 169, 168, 166, 165, 163, 162 and 159 (write these down on a piece of paper and put on your desk, computer, back of your phone etc so you’ll never forget them).

Even if you’re not good enough yet to finish the highest possible out – 170, always try to reach it with as few darts as possible from 501. This way you learn how to think and act like a pro.

If you’re playing a lot of 501’s online or with an app, it’s easy to rely on the out-shot suggestions shown.
Here are some ideas for you how to practise and improve your darts maths:
* Always try to do the math before you look at the suggested finish and validate that you got it right.
* Use the tools on GoDartsPro to practise the darts maths (Darts Mathlete, Flip-Out, Swipe-Out).
* Always carry the Winmau out-shots card by Richard Ashdown in your pocket to read while on the bus, flight or waiting for a friend.
* Read good darts books to learn from the experts to understand why certain combinations are better to learn than other.
* Write down the score on a piece of paper and do the maths while watching the darts on TV.

Another way is to try to learn one out-shot per day, using the current number of the day of the year. Start on the 2nd of January and try to remember how to finish 2 😉 and then continue every day to learn the current daily out-shot. When you got the correct out-shot, write it down on a piece of paper, or on your hand so you can see it many times during the day. Later on in April and May things are getting really tricky…

Commit yourself to learning the darts maths, and put in the required effort to do it!

There are better ways than playing 501’s…

For players averaging under 60, playing only 501’s is mostly about scoring and in the end a struggle to hit a double to finish the leg. So not really the best way to practice finishing. Instead, play the games designed and developed to improve a players finishing skills instead of only playing 501’s.

Vary your training with the games below and spice it up every now and then with some dedicated doubles games as well!

Great finishing games to improve your darts

201 Challenge

In this game you have 12 darts to finish the current score, starting with 201.
If you manage to finish the score in 12 darts (on a double, as in 501-style), your next starting score will increased by 10 = 211. If you fail to finish the score in 12 darts, your next starting score will be reduced by one.
To keep focus and to get the most out from your training, divide it into 20-30 minutes sessions with a short pause between. That’s why the default option in this game is to play for 20 minutes.
Play 201 Challenge »

Checkout Challenge

The same logic as above, but in this game you start at 21 and need to finish the score with 3 darts.
Play the game for 20 minutes to be able to stay focused during the whole session, and see how high checkout you can nail.
Play Checkout Challenge »

Five Checkouts

You’ve got five random checkouts to unlock and finish within three darts each.
There are 4 different levels to choose from. Start from the easiest and see how many you can finish.
This is a great darts training game to improve your finishes and good fun to try to unlock them all.
Can you unlock all the 5 checkouts? Try it today!
Play Five Checkouts »

Catch 40

Try to take the outs 61-100 in 2 to 6 darts.
You score by taking the out in 2-6 darts. If you miss out in 6 darts, press MISS button and go for next out.
Exception! Hit the 99 out in 3 darts = score 3.
This is also a great game to practise the most outs you’ll face the most.
Play this game regularly and you will play better darts!
Play Catch 40 »

To finish it up!

Knowing exactly the best and fastest way to finish the score you’re on is a great feeling and will boost your confidence at the oche. If you need to stop, think and calculate between every dart you will reveal your lack of skill, lose your focus and your confidence. The earlier in life your learn the out-charts, the easier it will be and the better it will stay there.

So make it a good habit to practise learning the outs as often as you can!
Break a leg!

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