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Green Zone board support in the -01 scorer

GoDartsPro has now the first -01 scorer in the world with
Winmau Green Zone board support!

The application has been upgraded with many well-awaited features from members requests. Such as:

* Handicap options
– double in, double in/out, Green Zone out, any out
– custom starting scores
* Show/hide statistics during game
– Adaptive/responsive layout for smartphones/tablets/computers
* Undo functionality
* Sound options
* Darts setup option
and much more.

Winmau Green Zone board support

The unique Green Zone easy finish system provides a level playing field for all.

Developed in conjunction with the Junior Darts Corporation (JDC), the Green Zone dartboard features an easy-to-use handicap system, as in Golf. By playing the JDC Challenge routine on GoDartsPro you can easily check your handicap level.

Green Zone players (normally youth players and those just starting in the game) can take the quick and easy JDC level assessment playing the JDC Challenge game on GoDartsPro. Never has darts been more fair or more fun! With the new handicap option it is now possible for players to have different handicap settings.

The Handicap option is available for our Premium members!

Check out the -01 scorer now!

Details statistics from your games

Dig into the detailed statistics from the games you play.
Get your averages, 100+ hits and your maximum hits as well as other interesting stats.

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