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The 501 O'Clock darts game explained

What time is it? It’s 501 O’Clock!

Finding different ways to practice and prepare for 501 games can be really inspiring. The new 501 O’Clock combines legs of 501 with numbers around the clock (board) in sections of 5. The game has many different options and we’ll go through all the details here.

The options for the game

Before you start the game you got a number of options for the training session.
Try out the different options to sharpen your skills and to stay motivated to practice another session.

Select your game option

You first decide the length of your session by selecting either a quick game with only one section around the board or if you want a longer sessions with more legs and numbers around the board. There are 5 different options here and you can also check the reverse button to start at 20 for the clock section.

Select your 501 difficulty level

This option makes the 501 legs a bit trickier. Select your minimum score for the 501 legs and choose between 45, 60, 100 or 101.
Scores under the limit doesn’t count in the 501 leg so you really need to focus on your scoring here.

Save score with bull

To make every dart count there’s also an option to save score with bull. If your first two darts makes it impossible to reach the set score limit you can use your 3rd dart at bull to try to save the score. There are 4 options here:
At least green bull = 25p – If you hit green/red bull you score 25 or 50 points for this throw.
Need red bull = 50p – You can only save the score by hitting the red bull which gives you 50 points.
Easy – At least Green bull = 100% score – With this option you get the combined score from all 3 darts if you hit green/red bull.
Easy – Need red bull = 100% score – Same as above but you need to hit the red bull to score.

Score only on numbers

Decide if you only are allowed to score on the numbers 20, 19, 18, 17 or 16. If you got a Scolia device attached you also got the option to use 20, 19 and 18 together to score.
If you select any of these numbers in combination with Save score with bull you will only get scores from this number + bull.

Clock difficulty

Select if you’re going for Doubles, Trebles, Singles, or any field in the Clock part of the game.

The game play

Once you’ve selected your settings for the training session you face a leg of 501.
When you’ve finished the leg the game switches to a phase of 5 numbers around the clock.
Let’s say you’ve selected the option 1-20+Bull and Doubles for the Clock section.
You now need to hit the doubles from 1-5. Once this is done you’re back to a leg of 501.
The game continues like this and ends with a bullseye to finish the game.


By combining a number of 501 legs with doubles around the clock for example, gives you a great varied training session.
You really need to stay focused during the whole game and even if you manage to finish a leg of 501 with few darts you still need to hit those doubles in the next phase of the game.
By adding all these options you can vary your training sessions and find your favourite.
This game never gets boring and it is a great warming up routine for you to use before your next match.

The game was suggested by the great Swedish player Roland Lenngren (Rolle_L).
Thank you for a great game!


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