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Kick-start your darts training

Are you one of all the many thousands who recently discovered darts and started to play? Then you probably want to learn as much as possible and improve as fast as possible. Here’s a quick guide how to kick-start your darts career.

Sign up to GoDartsPro for free

Register an account for free on GoDartsPro to try out many of the games available and learn how to use them for your darts practice. Make sure to visit the Support area where you’ll find many training- and game-articles as well as videos teaching you how to play the different games. You can use using a browser with your computer, tablet or phone. No need to download anything, just browse to the website and play the games.

Upgrade to premium membership

To make the most out of your training hours, upgrade to premium membership and you will unlock more than 100 training games, monthly challenges, Premium League, 1001 Battles, fun multiplayer games as well as the so popular Virtual Coach. This is all yours for less than €0.20 / day and you can practise and play as much as you want to. Make sure to update your member profile with a photo, the flag of your country and information about you as a player.

Your first real training session

Beginners are often enthusiastic about starting to play the games, trying to hit the doubles and hit high checkouts as they do on TV. But make sure you first know the basics about darts. The stance, the grip and how to do a proper follow through. There are many great videos on Youtube when you can learn this. It might look like a simple action, but throwing a dart is a complex activity that needs to be repeated many times until perfection. Make sure you’ve done a proper warm up and that you can be fully focused for at least 20 minutes. Don’t rush your training and make sure that every dart counts.
When you’ve practised for about 20-30 minutes, make sure to take a break. It is much better to play several focused sessions of 20 minutes with breaks in between, than throwing darts for hours.

Find games suitable for your level

Many of the darts practice games out there are too hard to use for darts players in the beginning of their darts careers. When you play games suitable for your level you will build your confidence and have more fun. If the games are too hard it is easy to lose interest and quit. Play games like:
Section 5
Lockdown Challenge
Points Around The World (PAW)

Set up goals

When it comes to training and improvement it is important to set up and use goals, both short-term and long-term goals. The goals must be achievable but enough challenging for your current level. Use the High-Score game for example and play the game many times during your first month. Then you will get your scoring-average for that month. Use this as a goal and play the games many times again and try to beat your previous months average. Each months average will be displayed as a bar graph in the game. This is a fun and easy way to use goals and follow them up on GoDartsPro!

GoDartsPro High-Score game average
Get your first MICO-factor

The MICO-factor concept on GoDartsPro is a unique way to find your true ability in darts.
All the games MICO-factor games are very effective, totally measurable, comparable, and therefore a solid base of how good you really are. Each game needs to be played 5 times to show your MICO-factor for that game. When you’ve played 5 MICO-factor games at least 5 times each you will get your public MICO-factor. From that on try to increase your MICO-factor decimal by decimal and improve while having fun. The Virtual Coach also use your MICO-factor to compare your stats with thousands of other members stats, with similar MICO-factor as you.

GoDartsPro favourite games
Gather your favourite games and set up a playlist

When you’ve find a game you like mark it as a favourite game. On the GameOn area, click the small white square top right of the game image and it will change to a heart showing it is one of your favourite games. You can easily reach all your favourite games by clicking the icon with a red heart in top right of the website. Use the playlist feature to set up your own training session with your favourite games or try one of the many public playlists to see what other members are practising.

Use the Virtual Coach

The Virtual Coach is designed and developed to challenge each player at their current level. Make sure to set up an honest and true profile, reflecting your current situation, with the Virtual Coach to get the most out of it. Once your Virtual Coach profile is set up, you will be asked to play a number of games to give the Virtual Coach enough stats to figure out your current level. When this is done, you will get different assignments with goals representing your current level. Play the games until you reach the goal and finish the task. Sometimes, the tasks might be too tough for you to finish. But with the game sessions you play, the Virtual Coach will learn more about your level and will try to adjust the follwoing tasks to better suit your current level. As you continue the Virtual Coach will challenge you to perform just on top of your average for a steady improvement.
The Virtual Coach will also give you alerts of games you need to play to maximize your position in the Premium League and challenges.
Read more here how to start using the Virtual Coach!

Use the Monthly Challenges

Check out the different monthly challenges, play the games and try to reach the leaderboards. When you’ve connected with other members or invited your friends to GoDartsPro, you will also have Friendly Challenges to compare your scores with your friends. The challenges are fun and an effective way to practise and improve.

Finished your training? Play some fun games!

When you’ve finished your training for the day you can play some of the fun multiplayer games with your friends and family. These will not affect your stats on GoDartsPro and should be played just for fun.

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+100 darts practice games

More than More than 100 proper training games for you to make your darts practice fun, inspiring, interesting and addictive so you don’t even notice that you are improving!

Are you a Rookie
in the world of darts?

Go to our Rookie-page to read more about how to get started and check out our Starter Pack–concept.

Played darts for a while?

Get your Premium Membership to unlock the MICO-factor games now. Our MasterClass is the worlds’ first level-hopping game IRL darts, so that might be an inspiring challenge for you.


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