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Are you also having some graphical issues on your iPad/iPhone when using GoDartsPro? For example, flags in leaderboards now showing correctly, white text that suddenly turns black during game play. I recently bought a new iPad and things looked really weird sometimes and I couldn’t see any flag in the leaderboards.
Then you also need to reset the Experimental features for your browser to make it work again.

How to fix the problem

If you visit the 201 Challenge game for example, and you can’t see the players flags like the image above, you need to do some changes for your browser.

1) Navigate to Settings –> Safari –> Advanced –> Experimental Features
2) Scroll to the bottom and tap “Reset All to Defaults.”
(There is no confirmation prompt after this so it immediately will return all the settings to the defaults.)
3) Go back to Safari and and the game you had problem with
4) Reload the page and you should have a much better working game now

This article explains how to reset the Experimental features for your browser to make it work again.

If you still are having any issues, please send me an email ( and explain your problem as detailed as possible and I will try to find a solution for your problem as soon as possible.

This section will be updated regularly with support content and training articles.


In the premium subscription, support is included and can be reached in different ways.
Questions, feedback or requests
If you have any questions, feeback or suggestions for improvements, either visit the GoDartsPro Facebook page, or the GoDartsPro's page on X (Twitter), and send your question as DIRECT MESSAGE there to get an answer as soon as possible.
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- Anders
Founder of GoDartsPro