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GoDartsPro Support

FAQ & Training Articles

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By upgrading to PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP you will get access to all the games and training concepts on GoDartsPro, such as:
* More than 80 training games (Nov 2022)
* Virtual Coach training partner
* Monthly Challenges
* Premium League
* MasterClass training concept
* Fun multiplayer Games
and much more. All this for less than €0.17 / day when you choose to pay for 1 year upfront.
You will also get access to training articles, game information and all the updates of the platform such as new games and features.
As a premium member, all your stats will be saved and since you will automatically get all the updates, the premium membership will only be more and more valuable.

Just visit the Premium page and scroll down to the section shown in this image:

There you first see options for purchasing premium as a monthly subscription or to go for the annual right away using PaPal.
There are also options to pay using Stripe (it is just a different purchase provider) instead.

What is a gift card?

You can also choose to Give away a Gift Card that will unlock 1 year premium for the person who receives it.
A digital gift card will be emailed that includes a unique code that only can be used once.

How to redeem a gift card and unlock premium?

Visit the premium page and scroll down to the section where you see:

Enter the code exactly as it is shown on the gift card (both uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and special characters can be involved) to unlock the premium.

This section will be updated regularly with support content and training articles.


In the premium subscription, support is included and can be reached in different ways.
Questions, feedback or requests
If you have any questions, feeback or suggestions for improvements, either visit the GoDartsPro Facebook page, or the GoDartsPro's page on X (Twitter), and send your question as DIRECT MESSAGE there to get an answer as soon as possible.
Or click here to send an email for support »
Remember to include your username or email address used on GoDartsPro!
- Anders
Founder of GoDartsPro