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Practice the practice!

Due to the fact that development in darts is a slow process – all of the top players have been playing for over 10 years before reaching their top game – patience is a very important virtue of a darts player. So you need to know what are you practicing and why, so learn the game before tossing it to the bin!

Probably the most famous top players practice game in the world would be this simple and effective game. You need to hit two double 1’s with your three darts, then two double 2’s and so on. We call it “Dual Double”. It will take – naturally depending on a player’s normal throwing rhythm – say 30-45 minutes county-level player to get done.
Advanced players does it in 20-30 minutes. Top pro will use at least 15 minutes for this game. But it is absolutely natural that you get stuck in one particular double. All that grinding! You could end up banging the same double for 15 minutes or so!

And same pro player who goes this through today in 20 minutes flying colours can’t get it done tomorrow in 50!
These daily variations in form and accuracy are normal, and you should always consider yourself well-trained if you manage to do any practice routine at a normal time – today.


Learning any practice game is essential. You need to know which level you’re achieving easily, which is your standard, and how long time it normally takes to get through the wanted goal.
The best way to learn a new practice game is just playing it, that’s obvious. Play it ten times and see what’s your best score, or what’s the best time you can without rushing do it. Then repeat that next practice day and see if you could break the records you made yesterday.

Then leave it be for a few sessions, and try again. You’re now learning your level in this game, you’ve done your self-assessment, which is vital to your road to pro.


This is a very effective but hard practice game for gaining accuracy with the doubles. This is a “Hit & Run” game so no marking up needed. You need to have two doubles in one bed before you can progress – in one throw. You’re using only the even doubles. Starting with double 2, then double 4, finishing on double 20.

Burn-Dart rule: This is to avoid “burned darts”. If you have missed first two darts, aim still well with the third, because if you hit with it AND also next throws first dart, it is counted “two in the bed” and you can move on!

More advanced players can use all the doubles from 1-20 + Bulls’eye.

Top Pro–candidates can play this game without the Burn-dart rule and Future World Champions can play this without any hits on the singles in a successful two-doubles round!

Text: Mikko Laiho (RIP)

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