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There isn’t anything in the world as satisfactory as hitting 180. Except for hitting them a few times in short intervals! So should one practice only hit 180’s or perfect scores? The short answer to this one is an absolute NO.
If you don’t happen to be MvG or Phil Taylor…

Instead, you should aim for the two-hits-per-throw area. That’s much easier and still as effective – the frustration factor doesn’t occur anywhere near as often if only going for the maximums. Also hitting the maximum score can be next to impossible for the majority of players.


The Palace of champions is full of one kind of players: Those who can get to a finish and then finish it. Simple as that. So scoring as heavily as you can is essential. Imagine that you’re hitting continually say 140, 125, 140, 137, 140, which would beat 180, 180, 100, 100, 100!
Of course, this is for the more advanced players, but anyone who wants to improve should at least try to get these 2/3 hits and even ground the whole practice on these.
So for example you could go the doubles around the board 2/3 or the trebles 2/3. It is a doable and very effective practice.
But how to get there? How to be able to hit two tiny targets with your three darts only? To be honest that’s not easy.


This is a delicate issue, but please don’t jump on me yet. Cheating is absolutely allowed to give a little bit of handicap to the players who aren’t at the level of best. And it’s good for your mind. Even though we are true believers in pressure as a tool when practicing, cheating gives a little trim to your game, and it kind of balances and adjusts your practicing. After all, we all have our bad days in the office, right?

How to cheat then?

You can use four or even five or six darts – am hoping that every one of contemporary players has got two exactly similar sets nowadays – when trying to get through this weeks practice game. Of course if you have been playing a while you shouldn’t need to use any extra darts.

Practice game of the week: DUAL TREBLE HOP

This is a nice little game for all level of players, who have read the above. So please, if you think this is too hard to achieve with three darts only, don’t hesitate to use some extra darts. Even novices can make progress to their power scoring with this Hit & Run –game. No marking is required.
Your aim is to hit two different trebles in the same go, to advance further. So for example treble 1 and treble 2 in the same throw. When you get it, your next task is to hit trebles 3 and 4, in the same go etc. Your goal is to get through all the way from treble 1 to treble 20.
And you can use the “Burn Dart” –rule: If you hit your target with your last dart and the next throw’s FIRST DART also hits, you’re done with this target. Or you can use more darts than three if you feel to do so…

Enjoy your practice!

Text: Mikko Laiho (RIP)

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