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GoDartsPro Support

FAQ & Training Articles


On the header of GoDartsPro, click on your profile page icon and a dropdown menu will appear.
Click the Transactions option and you’ll be redirected to the page where your latest payments will be shown.

If you have a Stripe subscription you’ll be able to click and edit/cancel your subscription on your own.
We’re working on a solution to have the same option for PayPal subscribers.
In the meantime, if you want to cancel your subscription just send an email and it will be done asap.

This section will be updated regularly with support content and training articles.


In the premium subscription, support is included and can be reached in different ways.
Questions, feedback or requests
If you have any questions, feeback or suggestions for improvements, either visit the GoDartsPro Facebook page, or the GoDartsPro's page on X (Twitter), and send your question as DIRECT MESSAGE there to get an answer as soon as possible.
Or click here to send an email for support »
Remember to include your username or email address used on GoDartsPro!
- Anders
Founder of GoDartsPro