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It is a good thing to vary the intensity and lengths of your training sessions and not just play the same games you feel confident to finish or score well at. Luckily we’ve got some really demanding and tough games to challenge yourself every now and then!

Tough games for tough players

Mikko’s Megatrain

Mikko Laihos idea about this game was to create a demanding and hard game for intermediate to advanced players.
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Try to take the out from 81 in 2 to 6 darts (the game got different options for different levels).
Six darts in use. You need to finish your target number with six darts, starting from 81. If you get the finish what you aim for in six darts, you move ahead to next number. If you don’t get it, you drop one point backwards. If you get any finish at three darts or less, that number becomes locked and you can’t drop below that anymore.

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Crown Judgement

This is our new flagship, the Crown Judgement! You can play this game only once a month, so you better get your focus right before starting this game.
Why only once a month? Because we know that playing the same game over and over again gives you an edge – you get naturally in games which you practise! It’s human nature. So therefore we locked this bad boy for a month per time because you want to know your TRUE improvement, and a month is a decent time for that. Not more, not less, but a month. This is a measurement tool like no other!

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Five Checkouts

The well know PDC player Kim Huybrechts was kind enough to send me a list of the games he’s been playing the past 10-15 years or so. The Five Checkouts was one of them and I added a few twists to the game to make it more fun and challenging.
Five random scores between 41-99 (Professional level) are yours to try to finish. You will need to finish the current score in three darts on a double to unlock the next. There are more options if you’re not as tough as you think…
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Hit minimum score with first 2 darts only scoring at S20 and T20. Then hit the current double to finish. From double 20 down to ending number. Choose the minimum score, ending number, number of scores to finish a number and if you want continuous/loop order.

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