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Darts is all about the right mindset. Naturally you need a proper practice and hopefully your throwing action is easy, strong, steady and economical as well, but that’s more or less debatable, as top pros like Mensur Suljovic and John Henderson have proved.
So what would be the best way to improve the space between your ears?

That’s not that difficult, you need to practise such games and routines that you enjoy. They need to be suitably challenging, their difficulty level must be right for you and you need to like to do them. So you need to gain some WINS under your belt. Might they be just a little wins. A win might be just a proper score or getting through your favorite routine swiftly. That’s how you learn to win because your biggest opponent and nemesis has always been and will be forever yourself.

So you need to win yourself before winning anybody else!

Nothing replaces going solo

If you like to play against your mates that’s totally fine as well, as long as you remember that nothing in this world beats solo practice! Try always to play against the same level of player or just a tad better than you.
In solo practise it’s preferable to play two kinds of games per day, not many more. I suggest that you plan your routines beforehand and think ahead rather a week than a single day.


Grouping, doubles, and finishes are the basic main groups we all know, but there are also many different kind of things that counts as darts practice as well. We could talk about ‘best–of–games’ against a single target, say you missed your last league match 6 darts to Tops so you want to beat it in your next session. Play against double 20 say best of 11 (first to 6 wins/legs). If you consider yourself a pub player you get a point every time you finish 40 points (D20) by normal 01-game style so if you hit single you have 20 (D10) left and so on.
You get it, it’s 1-0 to you. If you don’t the imaginary opponent gets a point. If you can finish it twice in the same throw, you get 2 points, and so on. If you’re a superleague or county player, you can make the rule of missing that the opponent gets 2 points. ‘Best of –games’ can also be played against 201 for example. If you’re a normal player, play against 12 darts. If you play superleague, use only 9 darts. If you’re a county-level player, what prevents you play against 221 or 241 as well?! Use your imagination and be fair to your true level because the more you win, the more enjoyable all is and the good old cranium resonates positively from inside!

“HIT & RUN”–games

These are essential practice routines to get your personal rhythm to a state of FLOW or ZONE. You need these games every day you practise. Mikko’s MegaTrain is a good example of a brilliant top-level Hit & Run -game, but if you aren’t on that level yet, I’d strongly suggest you to do some more humane games from our ‘Starter-Pack’ {{LINK}} section. If those feel too easy for you, don’t worry, you belong to our exact target group and you better just adjust StarterPack games a little bit more difficult.

Grouping games

We very strongly suggest that every day you practise, you should have at least one grouping game in your program. Treble 20-hammering is 75 % of the game so you want to be very good in that. You can get better in scoring doing grouping games like all the different bundles-games on GoDartsPro, Mikko’s MegaTrain and A1 to mention only a few.

Doubles games

Straightforward double routines belong to every self-respecting darts player’s selection. There are many of them, pick the best one for you for today, because you can always change it for another one for another day!

Finishing games

We’ve got these naturally, and we got quite a few to choose from and vary your training with.
GrindOut, Catch 40, 121, Checkout Challenge, Five Checkouts, and 201 Challenge to name a few.


So our suggestion is to pick games from two categories per day and don’t forget to have a day or two off per week!
Remember, it’s up to you!

Text: Mikko Laiho (RIP)

This section will be updated regularly with support content and training articles.


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