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Training articles

Many players are having consistency issues and can not group the darts in a solid way. To get more consistent you need of course to look at your stance and throw and see if there are anything that can be adjusted. There are plenty of videos on YouTube explaining and showing how to stand, balance and throw in a proper way.
But you should also practise more grouping games to build up a strong consistent throw.

The BIG SINGLES explained

With the BIG SINGLES game you need to hit the big single of the numbers 1-20 and the level you choose at start decides how many hits you need to continue to the next number. Your aim is to finish the game with as few darts/throws as possible. Several members have requested a game based on big singles around the board where the rule adds pressure to the training. I gathered all the ideas, tested it on my own a few times and created the BIG SINGLES game on GoDartsPro with the following levels:


3 hits = move to next number
2 hits = stay on current number
1 hit = go back one number
0 hits = go back two numbers


2/3 hits = move to next number
1 hit = stay on current number
0 hit = go back one number


1-3 hits = move to next number
0 hit = stay on current number
6 missed darts in a row = go back one number

(Big singles are the fields highlighted in the dartboard above.)

So for the ADVANCED level you need to hit all three darts in the big single to move on to the next number.
If you hit 2 darts in the big single you’re staying at the same number. If you only manage to hit one big single you need to get back one number and if you miss all three darts you need to get back two numbers on the board.


By adding the punishment when you don’t manage to get the number of hits required to move on, we build up the necessary pressure to the game. This pressure force you to focus and make sure that every dart counts. If you miss the first dart, try to recompose and focus to hit the big single with the next dart.

This game can therefore be tougher than you think even if we’re only throwing at the big singles.

Many players like to use different “around-the-board” routines as the ending part of their warming-up routine.
Use this BIG SINGLES game and track your darts to see how you improve.

Play the game today!

This section will be updated regularly with support content and training articles.


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