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The PowerSwitch game has been around on GoDartsPro for quite some time and it is a popular darts training game for many players to sharpen their switching and scoring skills. I played it many times recently and felt a new option to the game would be a great feature to add some extra pressure to the game.

Game rules

In PowerSwitch your targets are treble 20, treble 19 and treble 18! If you hit a treble, you stay on that target with your next dart. If you miss a treble use your next dart for the next target. 3 points for trebles and 1 point for singles.
You only score on the target numbers 20,19 and 18.

First dart hits T20 = 3 points (stay on T20)
2nd dart hits S20 = 1 point (next target is T19)
Last dart hits T19 = 3 points

First dart hits S5 = 0 points (next target is T19)
2nd dart hits T7 = 0 points (next target is T18)
Last dart hits T18 = 3 points

PowerSwitch Bundle Explained

The PowerSwitch bundle option borrows the game logic from Exponential Bundle which adds a new dimension of pressure to the game which is always good training. First throw is the same as above, try to hit treble 20 with your first dart. If you hit it you continue on treble 20 otherwise your next dart goes for t19 and so on.

With the new bundle option every 2nd throw you need to score as much as possible (any field on the board counts).
When a switching throw and a scoring throw are done, these two are multiplied to get your first points in the game.

So if you for example got 7 points with your first 3 darts (as mentioned above) and you score 85 on your next throw, your total score for the first round would be 7 X 85 = 595.
With this new logic you add a lot of pressure to the scoring throw when you had a really good first switching throw. You really want to hit a big score with the 2nd throw and that throw needs your full focus.

With PowerSwitch bundle you throw 10 switching throws and 10 scoring throws in total.
Use this game option to simulate the pressure you will feel and the focus you will need in a real game.

Play the game today!

This section will be updated regularly with support content and training articles.


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