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Virtual Coach

With so many options and games it can be daunting to get started and hard to choose where to start. You can use the Virtual Coach in many ways but here are our thoughts and ideas how we intended it to be used when we started to work on this massive project of ours.

Finish the tasks

Upon every visit to the Virtual Coach area, the system checks if you have any unfinished tasks that still got time to be finished.
If not, the Virtual Coach analyses your previous tasks and statistics and adds 3 new tasks for you to finish. The tasks are mainly based upon how you’ve been performing for the games earlier, if you haven’t played the games yet, and also try to add games for categories you haven’t practise that much lately. But also, there’s a randomness added to it to avoid being to static.

Try to finish the tasks during your training session before you do anything else!

Of course, you need to be fully warmed-up before you start any training!

If you fail to finish the tasks after a few tries, take a break and do something else. Play a game you know that you often get a good score in or can finish in a good way to boost your confidence a bit. If you’ve been struggling with a game for quite a while, it is often a good idea to try to inject some confidence back into your system!

Major alert!

The Virtual Coach will check if you have played the Crown Judgement game the past 30 days. If not, you’ll face a major alert in the header of the Virtual Coach page. This is added since it is good to make it a habit to play the game every 30 days to get a measurement of how you’re doing. Since the game will take about an hour to finish, make sure you got the time for it and maybe leave the Virtual Coach tasks until you’ve finished the Crown Judgement game and had a good break as well.

Check the alerts

The Virtual Coach will alert you about different things that need some extra focus. These are often games that are part of the Premium League where you are losing positions in the leaderboards because you haven’t played 10 sessions for the game the past 30 days. So click the alerts and play a few rounds and the alerts will disappear soon.

Check the statistics

In the dashboard of the Virtual Coach you’ll see a lot of different statistics. The sections will vary during the month so make sure to go back often checking the stats. It is a good idea to check your stats for the JDC Challenge game. Play this game regularly to get a decent amount of stats to dig into. Then you’ll be able to see what numbers and doubles you need to work on to improve. Make it a habit to do a few sessions of the Dedication game, selecting these numbers and doubles to do some extra training.

Got some extra time? Do a Workout!

The Workout function of the Virtual Coach is intended to be used when you’ve finished your tasks, checked the alerts and have played the Crown Judgement and need some extra training in certain areas of the game. The fun and the beauty of this feature is that you both can select how many games you want to play but you will only see the first one until you’ve finished it. Then the 2nd game will be unlocked. Go for it! You can do this!

Read the quotes and information

The different quotes and information shown by the coach are intended to be read to give you some extra confidence and maybe inspire you to think outside the box more often. Many of the quotes are from athletes of other sports who all had the same values and goals. To try to pracise more focused, structured, and to improve faster!

And if you want more, there are tons of good books and articles written by golf players, basketball coaches, archery athlete etc.
There are so many things you can add to your daily routines that will improve you as a darts player.
Think outside the box and you will improve!

This section will be updated regularly with support content and training articles.


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